Apr 19, 2013

Moonshine Sneak Peek

Happy Friday!

It's nice to be back to the blog after the break, but my little computer wasn't as happy. Apparently there were a few viruses or "threats" on the computer. Camera wouldn't upload pictures... long story.

So for today. I did get the computer problems fixed, I did upload the pictures, and I'd love for you to enjoy a little sneak peek of the living room wall painting while I get everything in order...

It was kind of crazy. And I love the walls; I like to call them "subtle" to sound fancy. But really they're just gray or Moonshine to be exact.

Other treat because it's the weekend: Look what I found on our apple tree!

Blooms! And there are plenty more too! Repeat after me (like my kiddos at school) "and flowers turn into fruit and seeds!" #birdsandbeesforprek #ilovemyjob

Happy Friday! Back on Monday with the details on the living room. Don't miss it.

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