Apr 1, 2013

Easter and the New Living Room Color!

This weekend we were up in Oklahoma visiting Kyle's family for the long Easter weekend. It's been a long time since I've had off for Good Friday so we trotted off to Norman for some good ole Easter family fun. And I'm excited to say that a little crafty fun this weekend inspired me to finally choose our living room color!

There are a few more kiddos up in Oklahoma with Kyle's family than down in Louisiana with my family. Let's just say me and my brothers and sisters and cousins are 'the grand kids' and on one side there are no 'great-grand kids' and on the other side none of the 'great-grand kids' live in the state of Louisiana. While we have our fair share of fun, it usually doesn't include dyeing Easter eggs or hunting Easter eggs anymore. Although after our weekend in Oklahoma, I think I'm going to recommend we start doing both again in Louisiana... kids or no kids...

Anyway, we had lots of good times in Oklahoma and I'll share all of the pictures later, but I wanted to tell you about the egg dyeing. It was 'for the kids' but the adults were allowed to participate too.

I whipped out the ole rubber cement and made a little tiger-striped egg. It's real easy, just 'fling' the rubber cement drips across the egg on all sides, let dry, dip the eggs in dye. Let dry, remove rubber cement: presto, tiger stripes. Maybe I'll do a little tutorial later. It may not be the most kid friendly because of the fumes, but I don't have kids so I didn't think of that... until my nephew tried to sniff the jar. Oops.

I whipped out the 'magic crayon' method too. My mother-in-law had a clear crayon we used that came with the egg dyeing kit, but growing up we just used a white crayon. I was sneaky and wrote my youngest nephew's name on the egg without him seeing and handed it to him to dye. A few minutes later he pulled out a green egg with his name 'magically' written on it. I made a similar egg that said "I Love Kyle" and handed it to my husband, but he wasn't as fooled. How did he ever figure me out?? :)

I was pretty impressed with the colors of the eggs, the selection of colors and the ability to really create any design using moth the rubber cement and crayon techniques.... and it got me thinking about the living room...

See the paint on our walls really is in great shape; they painted the house right before we moved in. The problem is simply the color: it's a 'dirty' off-white. But then I thought about how the eggs were off-white when we started with them too right?

I could pick the perfect color and beautiful blend if I 'water colored' or 'dyed' the walls! I could stencil a design in rubber cement and the pattern would be left white after the dye. Or I could dye the wall first, then apply the rubber cement, and then apply the second color and get a two-tone design. Maybe that green or even the blue. With such a large living room we could even do multiple colors on the different walls.

Paint color problem solved! Imagine it!

Or maybe it's just an April Fools joke. :)

No one in their right mind would stencil an entire living room in rubber cement, right? The fumes! But I will tell you those pretty egg colors may just pop up when we accessorize the room.

But not the wall, no, not the wall.

Hope you had a good Easter, we really did have a great weekend (that wasn't part of the joke) and we really did dye eggs. More to share about Easter weekend and the reveal of the real wall color coming soon. No kidding ;)

Happy April First.

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