Apr 5, 2013

Back on Wednesday

There was no post on Wednesday. Sorry about that. But maybe you didn't notice, you probably have no idea really.

But this is the only post for Friday, and Monday will be empty as well.

I've got a wonderful community of ladies that are working together for good. We're reading and sharing and loving together and it amazes me about how much we're learning. We're trying to be more like Christ and less like the world around us, while still being very relevant in the world and the people that surround our every day lives.

We're learning that maybe Jesus is a little more like the Bible says and a little less what we seem to think of Him sometimes. We put Jesus in a box sometimes, and we're trying to learn more.

So this week will be a little silent. I'll be back on Wednesday, with stories of painting and fixing and maybe a little bit about the things we're learning and doing and loving.

Enjoy the break and as always: Happy Friday.

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