Feb 20, 2013

A Little More Yard Work

Note: So I entered a little DIY contest using the project from Monday's post! It's crazy, I've never done anything like this before!! Twelve little bloggers will get picked to pair up with the professional bloggers and so I entered! One of the bloggers picked is due to the amount of  "clicks" they get from the contest's main page here. So if you can find me at the bottom of that page (I'm project number 249 called "As-Is Ikea Door Turned Office Board." Thanks!

So we were busy this weekend with the office board project and having like 40 people over for dinner on Friday night. It was a bit busy. BUT we also decided to do a little more yard work. You know, rake the entire yard into strange patterns, chainsaw the old dead apple tree... that kind of thing.

There was a method to our my raking madness...

My hero (bats her eyelashes and sighs...)

The creepy old tree is gone... #stillgivesmenightmares

And then I had to include a picture of my fancy professional yard-working boots... aside their good new friend the broadcast spreader. Now that we got all the pecans picked up, I finished spreading the pre-emergent in the pecan tree area. Feels good to be done with all those chemicals...

And then it was like God gave us a little prize for all our hard work... Just popped right up.

Is that not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. So perfect sitting right there smiling at us :)

I think I could stare at it all day... maybe I'll put the picture on the gallery wall??

Anyways, I guess we're committed to having a nice yard this year? At least maybe we've prevented the dreaded sandburs... Although I didn't prevent the muscle soreness from a few long days of yard word :( Guess I aught to workout more... Maybe?

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