Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Just wanted to say a little happy Valentine's day. And post this mushy, romantic picture of my very favorite husband.

He really should win an award. (Oh wait, he won me... that should be enough. :)

To my most incredible husband of 1113 days (but who's counting?): thank you for making me laugh when I worry to much, for getting out your mag light when the wind blows the fence and I think there's a robber, and for praying with me when I still think there's a robber even though you told me it was the fence. For leaving me your pillow when you go out of town because yours is WAY more comfortable than mine. Thanks for going and finding me a new tail light for my old car because you know I love that car so much and we wanted it to pass inspection. Thanks for telling me I'm beautiful even when I'm in my ugly house clothes and have crazy unwashed-morning hair. Thanks for loving ice cream (and fro-yo) and apples and yummy salads and me. Really, thanks for loving me.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Even though it's called a 'cliche' holiday, go ahead and tell someone how much you love them. Even if it's your dog or your goldfish or your really cool old neighbor or your wonderful mom and dad.

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