Aug 1, 2012

Garden Update!

So we started out this spring with our first real garden. And well we'e learned a few things, lol.

First of all, the plants started from seeds CAN be just as healthy and beautiful and fruitful as the ones started as little plants. It's kind of amazing.  Well sometimes...

Remember these seeds here...

Well they grew up to be these guys! Aren't they pretty? Sad story is that now they're all shriveled up now. Pretty much I was in Colorado when the corn was ready earlier in the summer and wasn't able to harvest anything! But I do have more kernels and I can always grow more.

Corn Lessons Learned: I think I need to plant more rows next year for better pollenation, to water a little more, and to make sure I know when to harvest these things!

And there was the spinach... but let's just say the spinach was a cold weather crop. Who knew? Not me. It never had a chance.

BUT the bell peppers! Started here...

And are now all grown up... see those pretty bell peppers! (Note: Just ignore all the weeds... I've been out of town...I'm trying...)

Funny thing is, compared to the ones we put in pots, these are huge. The pots will work, we've gotten bell peppers from them, but they are much smaller.

Bell Pepper (Variety) Lessons Learned: Bell peppers can come from seeds! But next year we'll know to plant them all in the ground and give then plenty plenty of water so we get nice large peppers. And they different colors do taste different... and OH MY does it smell wonderful when you cut up home grown bell peppers. But I'm still trying to figure out why some of them get rotten-like spots on them before they're ready to be picked?

 This was one of those smaller peppers from the pots.

Yep that's a white bell pepper!

As for the tomatoes... you got a sneak peek... but, I'll show you those plants later in the week. Because they deserve a post all their own. Love them! And they're HUGE!

Happy Gardening... or keeping your plants alive (you know, depending on the weather in your neck of the woods ;)

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