Jul 30, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Night

So we spoke before about my excitement over the Great Texas Balloon Race, right? Well, it was this past weekend in Longview, TX and I WAS THERE!

I headed over with the Morgan family, who are incredibly entertaining and wonderful. Made it all the better. We saw some sky divers (or Scuba divers if you're 4-years-old) then grabbed a bite to eat. And then the balloons began.

I took this first picture thinking it would be the best of the night... wrong... :)

It got better! But we started out with a little scavenger hunt trying to locate all of what they call the "Special Shapes" balloons. They are actually attached to baskets and they fly and everything.

National Anthem and then all the baskets fired off their torches! IT was crazy cool, or incredible scary if you're 2-years-old... and I'll agree it did kind of look like we were surrounded by instant fire...

But we picked a spot right in the middle of the field and balloons started going up ALL around us. Really.

And as the sun set I got the very best pictures of the "Balloon Glow". Which apparently first got it's start here at the Great Texas Balloon Race years ago.

And then I got these two...

They are my favorite. Taken on my little point and shoot camera... so proud.

Do something today that you've always dreamed of, like hot air balloons or well, maybe just watching the Olympics with a large bowl of popcorn and M&Ms... may have done both this weekend (the antenna get's great Olympic reception!)

Happy Dreaming...


  1. That looks amazing!!! I can't believe I forgot about it. :/ My mother-in-law and I went to a play on Saturday evening. Great pictures!

    1. Sorry, I should have reminded you! Did you get to go see Steel Magnolias??

  2. I will have to plan my trip next year to visit when the hot air balloons are there. The pictures are wonderful. Mom


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