Mar 17, 2012

How to Start a Garden From Seeds

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Last year this day I was taking my RD Exam... walking into the biggest test of my life when the lady behind the desk said, "where's your lunky green?" It was a big day for me, I hadn't realized it was St. Patrick's Day... I think the lady wanted to give me a heart attack about this bad luck...

Anyways, other green things...

So we've purchased some plants for our little vegetable garden, but we weren't able to find corn, spinach, or colored bell peppers to plant.

So we figured we'd give it a go starting from seeds. I've read what I could and asked every one of my old man patients about gardening.  We bought a handy little seeding green house for $4 (even though I know we could just plant in egg cartons) and got all our little seeds planted.

Kyle and I worked hard getting all the seeds covered and here's what we've got so far:

Bloomsdale, Long Standing Spinach: Says it will germinate (sprout)  in 8-10 days and be ready to harvest in 45 days. Love spinach, it's soooo good for you... so we'll see what we get.

Sweet Pepper Carnival Hybrid Mix: Includes California Wonder, Golden California Wonder, Orange Sun & Purple Beauty. I never saw a purple bell pepper before, but maybe we will soon. Germination in 10-21 days, harvest in 70 days.

Early Sunglow Hybrid Sweet Corn: Kyle loves corn. We're really excited to see if corn will grow down here. The little map on the back of the seed pack says it will... Germination in 7-10 days, 63 days to harvest!

We'll have our plant-plants in the garden soon, can't wait to see how this all turns out. We'll be planting those soon with our irrigation system, I'll keep you in the loop :)

What are you planting this year?

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