Jun 26, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Dreams!


Hot air balloons! Will be! In East Texas! In the city I work in. Racing all week July 23-29!

See today as I was driving to work I saw a hot air balloon. Crazy, I know. But it's East Texas, so not much surprises me anymore, lol. And I remembered a lady at work mentioning a hot air balloon race, but it had been months since she mentioned it.


I am so excited! This is like Bucket List stuff for me. And it's in the city I work in! And it's going to be beautiful. This are pics from the website.

I may just have to schedule patients in the direct flight of the races during the week so I can tack the balloons, not really, but maybe...

It's $12 a person, but free for kids under 12 years old. And there's food vendors, and a "balloon glow" and something called Special Shapes Spectacular. And there's even also a KidLand for $5 with bouncy blow up slides and stuff on the weekend.I may go Friday AND Saturday...

This is going to be AWESOME! I'm going to have to tell everyone about it and take lots of pictures and research hot air balloons racers before going...

And I'm going to have to convince my mom and dad to come, too. Although I know they already have plans for other things because they told me so... BUT they did not know about THIS!

Oh I am Stoked!!

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  1. Yay balloon races!! You definitely have to go to the balloon glow one night. They have live music and carnival food and it's lots of fun. The races are usually early in the morning- you'll probably see them on your way to work!


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