Jun 22, 2012


So we planted blueberries this year. Two plants actually... you know, so they could cross-polinate or something.

And then someone else ate our blueberries. Probably a bird, but who knows. The plants are still healthy and I ate one of the blueberries from the bush yesterday. And my husband picked good blueberry varities because it was THE BEST blueberry ever. Tangy, yet sweet. But there was only one of them. (Also I'll let you know what variety we purchased when I ask him. I kept the tag on the one I helped purchase... but the other one, who really knows...).

So with our lack of blueberries, and East Texas' plethora of bluberries. My and my friend Lindsey went picking (you know, Lindsey who lived with us last summer). We went to a local place called Barron's Bluberries. It was very DIY. Like, sign out front with the prices and buckets to use, and a cash box to leave the money when you're done. Total honors system. Love Lindale. :) Low crime rate right?

Anyway I had been before to a place called Bluberry Hill Farms in Edom, TX which was awesome too. They are more the 'we have a cute little store and we make fresh blueberries pies and soft serve blueberry ice cream and blueberry lemondade and you can take pictures behind a sign that makes you look like a farmer." Very cute. Def, and experience, and a fun day.

Barron's was more for the actual blueberries.  But Lindsey took pictures with her fancy phone and instagram.

8 pints for $8. Fresh, yummy, local, cage-free (lol) blueberries. They are very good. I think I've had blueberries every day since. I was going to freeze some, but I think I may eat them all.

There are bluberry picking and fruit picking places in a lot of towns, though, find one in your town this weekend and enjoy the yumminess AND the savings.

Happy Picking!

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  1. Guess what? Judy and I went blueberry picking yesterday after work. Between the two of us we picked a gallon of blueberries. I had my camera but didn't take any pictures. I had blueberries in my cereal this morning.


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