Jun 18, 2012

Lagerstroemia AKA The Crepe Myrtle

So we have this tree in our backyard. It's one of my favorites. I like trees.

It's real wide and makes it like we have shade in our back yard. And it's surrounded by a chicken coop with no chickens covered in Virginia Creeper (no, it's not poison oak). This tree is a trooper. I think it's a crepe myrtle, but let's be honest I'm no tree-ologist.

And Kyle said his parent's had trees like this one when he was growing up. He only told me this after he asked me why our tree didn't have flowers on it.

I had noticed that other trees like ours has flowers and had wondered the same thing. But then Kyle told me he was expecting the tree to make flowers and was a little let down..

Guess what:

Kyle got his wish.

Better late than never...

Happy Trees Have Flowers, Too Day!

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