Nov 7, 2010

So I'm no Lou Holtz

I'll tell you what, I LOVE college football. I know you were probably expecting an inspiring way to spend your extra hour due to daylight savings time... but I'll tell you what, I took that extra hour and watched some great football.

NFL: I can pass on... I may go to a friend's house to watch an NFL game and end up talking and eating more than watching the game. There's just something a little less inspiring about the players being 30-something... or more so there's just something I love about college football, playing for the win, playing for their alma mater, school and state behind them, and having such a limited time in college to make plays happen.

I'm not sure if you watched college football this weekend, but being born and raised in the South, I can't get past the allure of the SEC. I mean it is rare that you end up with one team undefeated on the top of the SEC... the teams are all too good, the rivalries all too personal, and the "better" team being beaten out some weeks by the teams with more heart or vengeance, honestly.

And there's LSU. My alma mater. I've lost years off my voice I'm sure for all the yelling I've done in Tiger Stadium and now, living further away, all the yelling I've done at the television set. And last night I was very impressed. I mean our coach gets a lot of slack, and I was disappointed to find out that for a few weeks there a local Baton Rouge station was tearing him up. I mean you have to be careful about that kind of thing... it could go an get you Dixie Chick-ed out of town. (I understand I've just compared Les Miles to the former President of the United States, but have you been to Baton Rouge??). I mean I just love that Les and I both tend to clap like crazy when we get excited about a football game :)

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But last night all LSU fans were proud of Les and those Fighting Tigers for beating Alabama... you have no idea how long that one has been coming. Anyway, I'll stop ranting and simply show you this picture of the play our insane (genius) coach decided to call at 4th and 1: some crazy play called "River Left" that I don't even have the football knowledge to explain... but it got us well past the 1st down and about a yard from the end zone :)

Associated Press

Don't worry, I'm not so crazy to say that LSU is the best team there ever was, or even the best team around this season... but the best team there is to watch, and that SEC football will take years off your life due to the excitement, jumping out of your seat screaming, and "what are they doing?" calls. Truth.

Note: My Saturday could have used an extra hour between the LSU game and the Nebraska game, because lucky we were to get both games on our antenna... they kicked off at the same time, and I did a lot of channel flipping.

Kudos to the Huskers for their win, messy and crazy, but that's what makes it good right? Heart pounding until the very last second (interception by Nebraska to stop the possible Iowa State-winning 2 point conversion in the second part of overtime). Or maybe that's just how I've grown up in the SEC

(I'll have to dig out those pictures of us dressed up in our Ole Miss and Arkansas gear as 4 year-olds.. courtesy of Uncle Frank, Aunt Billie, and Uncle Keith).

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So tell me, what did you do with your extra hour?

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