Nov 9, 2010

So I got lost...

So I'm not sure how much I've mentioned my job. And I have no idea why I have not mentioned it more. I honestly believe that I have one of the most interesting jobs... highly comical, entertaining, and just plain out of the ordinary. Vaguely described I drive around East Texas to places I'd never imagine I'd go, streets I'd never imagine I'd turn down, in houses I'd never thought I'd enter to meet some of the most wonderful and old Veterans I've ever met. Like I mentioned before, I work as a dietitian for the VA and I literally drive to Veterans' homes and talk to them about what they eat... and well anything else they care to bring up during our conversation.

So I drive a lot, really like during the K-Love pledge drive I had so much radio on due to so much car time that at any given moment I could have told you the goal for the hour, or the percentage needed for complete funding... So I'm driving to a patient's house from handy dandy Google Maps and it's quite far away. I've gone about 30 minutes east and then another 15-30 minutes north by this point, and then south again and I end up in this cute little down town area. And While adorable and made me want to stay all day, when I found the location I was looking for, I was pretty sure that my patient did not live in a little fashion boutique? Right?

So I realize that Google Maps had "corrected" me. You know how it says "Did you mean to say...." well, no I didn't mean to say an entirely different street 30 miles or so away from the original address I typed, but apparently I clicked it anyway.

Luckily I had people to call to help me find my way there. Which involved me saying "I think I'm going too far" and them saying "nope, trust us, just keep keep on coming down that road.  So it takes me an hour and a half to get to this fine man's house and we all laugh and tell fun jokes.

Joke was on me. He lives 2 turns away from our clinic, if you go the right way. It took me less than 45 minutes to return back. :)

What will you do to celebrate Veteran's Day this Thursday? I told one of my patients that Veteran's Day was two days away and he responded was that well he'll just have to "go in the front yard and do the twist!" ?

P.S. - Did I mention that yesterday was me and Kyle's 6 MONTH Anniversary of being married! Woo hoo. More info later on the wonders of marriage, and that sweet Kyle Hess (and his fix-it skills!)

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