Nov 12, 2015

Lincoln: Eleven Months

Eleven Months
October 2015

Little Buddy,

You're almost one.

And I think maybe you held off all your growing while in Colorado and decided to hit a million milestones once we returned to Texas. In the last month you sprouted not only your first tooth, but your first four! It seemed relatively painless, no crazy fevers or crying, but I'll hold out for the next 16 teeth.


After months of "is he crawling?" Lincoln boy, you are crawling! Once we go home and you got adjusted you started crawling and took off! I took a video of you 'scooting' like every proud mom and you cried through half of it as I teased/ begged you to crawl to me. Then just a few days later you were crawling away from my faster than I could catch you. Later in life when they ask you at your most important job interview, at least you can say you crawled 'right before 11 months.'

Walking> Nah, no walking. That's for those other kids.

Someday you'll walk, I have no doubts. But today the crawling is adorable and I'm so proud of you for that.

Once you figured out how to crawl you instantly became more curious. You're getting into everything and you've become my little explorer. Quickly we are installing all the locks and baby-proofing all the things but I still love watching the joy on your face when you find something new. Like George the dog, you squealed when you first saw him at my parents house. And then of course, you turned and looked at me to make sure you were safe and to covey the 'look momma! it's a dog!' face that I adore so much. Now you LOVE dogs so much that you stare at the dog magnet on our refrigerator. Keep discovering little man.

You're still hanging right around the 20 pound mark although you're growing longer and thinning out every day. You're getting stronger and you eat pretty much everything we give you now, which of course, makes your dietitian momma quite happy.

Someday you'll also sleep all the way through the night. We're so close, but I still like our times together in the early morning.

All the things that make you a baby are still so dear to me. I'm in no hurry for you to grow up and turn one and then 18 and then 45 with grown up kids of your own, calling me and telling me I'm gonna be a great grandmother or something like that.

But I guess then there would be more babies to snuggle.

Someday you'll be a man. I'll embarrass you I'm sure. But until then you're my baby and you still shriek with joy when I attack your neck with kisses and tickle your fat rolls.

I love you Little Buddy. Don't grow up too fast.

P.S. - Yes, someday you'll start to notice Grandpa's grass, that green stuff in the picture. You'll notice it's better than ours. You'll notice that you could drop and uncooked egg on it without the egg cracking. And that moment when you ask 'Mom, why does our grass not look like Grandpa's grass' I'll cut my eyes over at you and have you take over all the lawn care duties. I'm trying Little Buddy, but Grandpa's grass is kind of a legend...

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