Dec 6, 2015

10 Days of Christmas Nativity

I'd like to invite you to join me for the 10 Days of Nativity!

Starting tomorrow morning I'll be walking through the real Christmas story with the help of Lincoln's little nativity toys. Pretty much, I'm a mom who gets a kick out of playing with her one year old's toys and I want you to join in.

Seriously, though, often I get to Christmas Eve without even sitting down with my Bible to read the Christmas story. The hustle and bustle often crowds out the main attraction. So this year as we start traditions with our little guy I wanted to make sure I didn't forget the 'reason for the season.' And I wanted to find a way to get Lincoln involved in the Christmas story even though he's only one.

So I'm calling mothers, kids of all ages, dads, grandparents, college kids during finals week, and second cousins once removed to join me in the 10 Days of Nativity.

Each day for ten weekdays I'll be posting part of the Christmas story as told in the Bible. The posts will include a picture of my Lincoln's Little People Nativity characters telling the story and the scripture reference for that day's portion of the story. Instagram @brittanyhess and Facebook will have the basic post and the full scripture verses can be found if you come right here to the blog each day.

I've been hiding Lincoln's Nativity toys and we'll be pulling out a few new characters each day to go along with the story. In the posts I'll note which characters we'll be introducing that day and feel free to pull out your nativity scenes (Little People or not) and let your kiddos (or roommates) play along as you read. Some of the portions of scripture are quite long, feel free to tailor the length to your personal patience levels...

If you want you can simply follow along and read the posts. Go a step further and break out your own Bible and your own nativity. Or go even a step further and snap a few pics of you and yours joining in the fun. Post those pics to Facebook and make sure to use the hashtag #10Daysof Nativity so that I can see the pics! Feel free to tag me if you'd like @brittanyhess.

I'm excited to introduce Lincoln to the Christmas story this year. I want my son to know that we're celebrating the birth of Jesus. I think about someday walking in on him with the tiny little nativity figures figuring out how the angel should explain to Mary how she's going to have a baby or something adorable like that. I pray for the day when he understands the story and accepts Jesus as his savior. But for now, I'll settle with the fact that he seems to think Joseph tastes good... sorry, Joseph.

Join us. Remember Christ this season. Take time to consider the greatest gift we can ever receive. And have a little fun getting hands on with your nativity. Ours isn't breakable so at least we have that...

Instagram: @brittanyhess
Facebook: Brittany Hess or Hint of the Hess House (Like us there!)
More details here on the blog!

It starts tomorrow!

Link to each day:
Day 1: Gabriel Sent to Nazareth
Day 2: Mary's Song
Day 3: Joseph's Dream
Day 4-10: Coming Soon!

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