Feb 23, 2015

Who does he look like?

Everyone asks.

And I don't quite know the answer. Or at least I didn't until today.

When people would ask I really did try to figure it out.

"Who does he look like?"

I searched through old pictures of both me and Kyle. I considered that maybe Lincoln even looked like one of my siblings or one of my in-laws. I poured through the fifteen thousand pictures I already have of this little boy. I compared smiles and eyes and mouths and noses.

It seemed that everyone that knew Kyle would say they thought Lincoln looked like him. But then the ones that knew me best would say that of course, he looked most like me.

We settled a bit that he had Kyle's eyes and that he surely had my smiles. He looks so very familiar, but I still wasn't sure.

And then today I thought about our sweet Hannah. And while looking at Lincoln, I couldn't seem to remember what she looked like. Quickly I opened pictures of our little girl and I remembered. Her sweet little lips and that cute nose.

And that's when I realized,

He looks like her.

Lincoln looks like Hannah.

He didn't at first. He was much too skinny to look like her. But then as he filled out he had reminded me of her once before. But now, with Lincoln asleep in my arms, his face so very relaxed, his lips so tiny and so pink, he looks like his sister.

No, they may not share the same smile or the same cries or laughs. Because I'll never know what Hannah's smile looked like or how her voice would have come to life.

But as I look at Lincoln, he is the reason I couldn't remember what she looked like. Because, to me, he looks so very much like her.

So who, who does he look like?

He looks like his sister, who yes, like Lincoln, was a wonderful little mix of both me and her daddy.

And it makes my heart happy to know that as I see Lincoln grow, there's little bits of her in him. That, every day I do get to learn a little more about her through him. Like when  Lincoln's geneticist who looked at him, and then Kyle and I and said, "oh, of course Lincoln will have blue eyes. All your babies will.'

And that's when he didn't know he answered a question I'd been wondering for over a year now, not about our future babies, but about our past.

What color were her eyes? I had often wondered.

And now I know, blue. Just like Lincoln.

Oh how could I ask for anything more than what the Lord has already so graciously given in this world where I am truly blessed.

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