Feb 2, 2015

I Hope I Haven't Lost You

It has been quite the blessing to take the last month or so and be.

With the holidays we travelled and we travelled and then we travelled some more. Relishing in the days when our kiddo will still sleep in his car seat and let us lug him around the country.

With all the traveling came the people.

We saw the faces of our family that we hadn't seen in a few weeks, but with Lincoln growing so very quickly, seemed like years. Lincoln met his great-grandmothers for the very first time and I enjoyed so very much seeing their faces light up when they met him.

But I also got to meet so many of you.

Yes, you.

As I ducked into holiday parties and family gatherings, I heard so very many stories about you who take the precious time out of your day to read what I write here. In the past month I have met so many of you and heard so many stories and read so many text messages or Facebook messages or emails about you who read the things I write.

It blesses my heart.

I am pleased to know you. Whether you read the blog when my aunt asked you to make monogrammed burp cloths for me (they are beautiful, by the way) or whether you are a man who attended the men's conference last weekend with my husband. Whether you are a member of my father-in-law's church, whether you join us at family camp each summer, whether you work with my mom or you went to school with me.

Thank you for sharing with me that you read.

Thank you for telling me the stories that mean Hannah's life has touched your heart or the heart of someone very dear to you. Thank you for thanking me for being so very honest in a world where it seems the right thing is to hope to be seen as perfect. Thank you for 'listening' as I share what the Lord is teaching me as I walk through life as a wife, mother, and follower of Christ.

I've enjoyed the last month or so, but I've been writing. I've been praying and dreaming and planning (amongst all the spit up and baby cooing). I long to write something that I've been praying will touch your heart, will make you laugh, will show you God's love more deeply than you may have never known otherwise.

Thank you.

I hope, in this time of rest, that I haven't lost you.

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