Feb 18, 2015

Lincoln: The Not-so Weekly Pictures

After weekly updates while pregnant, you'd think I'd have weekly updates of real live baby things. You see all these super great weekly pictures of babies around the interwebs and you'd think I had something planned...

But the first few weeks and now months of motherhood have taught me a few things. One being that babies don't exactly leave moms with tons of spare time. Well, they sleep all day in the beginning, fool you into thinking you'll have lots of spare time, and then not so much. I do love it. I love how every day Lincoln is awake a little more and that means we can play! But it seems to leave little time for weekly fancy photo shoots and detailed writing about the happenings of the week.

If you are one of those moms who does weekly photos, more power to you. I am very impressed, and you are a rock star. Or maybe your baby is just always wearing their best outfit and that chair you sit them in has great lighting at all times of the day.

That's just not the case here at the Hess House.

We travel, we poop on our clothes (well one of us), we wear outfits after they have spit up on them, and we don't always have on our white onesie. Okay we never do, those things are so thin and just asking for stains. But we have our phone cameras out all the time, and so yes, we do have thousands, yes, thousands of pictures of our little man.

But I don't have weekly pictures for you. I started out and got the first four weeks. And although the photo shoots weren't a complete disaster these were the quick pictures from my phone. Don't get me wrong, Lincoln is suuuuuper cute, but he wouldn't look at me to save his life...

Then life got a little busier. I also found out that while my kid takes the very best smiley pictures, when I put him in a onesie and lay him down on the bed the smile disappears. He looks away, gets a bit fussy and actually sometimes frowns at me.

And so I decided to let go a little bit. I decided that the world wouldn't end if I didn't get the weekly picture. And so I skipped a week.

And then I panicked.

I missed a week! I could never go back! What had I done?

But then I came to my senses and realized that I am a good mom.

Even if I don't take weekly pictures of my kid. Even if I don't put him in the white onesie with the cute sticker. Even if he doesn't have the most perfect smile in every picture.

I'm still a good mom.

So here at the Hess House we spend the little wake time we have together playing and singing and dancing and learning. And we spend a little less time taking posed pictures.

Unless, of course, you are talking about monthly pictures, and in that case, we do.

Because this kid really is too cute to not have a photo session at least monthly, right?

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