Feb 16, 2015

Three Blue Drawers

I wonder if the term 'nesting' applies to non-pregnant women.

Because for the first time in almost two year I've been unpregnant for three entire months and all of a sudden I've got the urge to clean/repair/redo every inch of our tiny house. Maybe first I should double-check the 'unpregnant thing' but I'm pretty sure it has to do with the weather.

See I'm a list maker, you all know that.

You know because I make lists of the projects I plan to do around the house and then you get to see, oh, one or two of them take shape. I may or may not be known to my husband as one who makes list, buys supplies, starts project, and then needs lots of his help to complete said project in a timely manner.

I may or may not have decided to repair, putty, and paint our main bathroom door a week before Thanksgiving last year. You know, with a 2.5 week old and family coming into town I decided that the most important thing was the bathroom door. I was one coat away from finished when the family arrived, and so for the last two months we've stared at the almost painted 'looks like a horrible paint job' door with only one coat of paint on it.

I may have a reputation.

But if you're not convinced let me tell you about the desk. The one I've had forever. The one I wanted to paint white, then the one I wanted to paint a pretty blue. The one that I cleaned and repaired and taped off. Well, maybe you know it as the one with the three blue drawers.

Yep. I painted those puppies while pregnant last year. I meant to do the desk before the baby came but I hit a few dilemmas. See I wasn't allowed to lift heavy things so I could only lift the drawers when Kyle was travelling for work. So I painted them. Except for that one drawer because I had to wood glue it together and the glue hadn't dried when I painted the others. And then when Kyle was in town I just wanted to snuggle with him instead of paint. And then it got too cold to paint because I was using spray paint and then I had a baby...

So the desk is in use. It's in the middle of our living room. And it's got the three blue drawers. When people ask I just reply, 'oh that's the color I'll be painting the entire desk. What do you think?' and then they compliment me on my color choice. They don't know the entire story. I've actually considered leaving the desk like that forever because it could be a great conversation piece, but maybe not.

So now with my new 'the weather is great and so I want to tackle all the projects' unpregnant nesting going on I have to think this through. I only pretend to have free time, so project time is really just a fantasy.

So I've come up with a system, just in case there is someone else out there with this same problem. It's a basic reward system. I've got the projects I need to do and then the projects I want to do.

Current Needs:
1. Repair the gaping hole in the caulking in the shower wall before water gets inside
2. Repair the places the grout is falling out of the other bathroom wall before water gets inside
3. Rake the leaves so the yard is ready for pre-emergent in the battle against the crabgrass
4. Spread the pre-emergent (when it's time)
5. Paint the last coat on the main bathroom door so we don't look too crazy

Current Wants:
(This one could go on forever, but I'll stick to the ones that I'm using now, and wait on the ones that require warm temperatures like the blue drawer desk...)
1. Paint the bathroom white instead of the off-ish white that looks like dirty walls
2. Put down that wood vinyl plank stuff in the bathroom to hide the previous peel and stick job

See, pretty simple. So then what I did was I set myself up for success. When (not if) I get the first five items completed on the Needs list, then I can run to the store and buy the paint for the bathroom and paint it! Right?

So I'm pretty pumped and way motivated.

I went to the store and got my shower repair equipment today. And it if weren't for the crazy lady who thought yelling "boo!" at my baby and throwing her hands in the air to "try to scare him" (her words), then maybe my kid wouldn't have been too freaked out to nap after he cried all the way home.

Any way, crazy people. I am one of them. And now I'm going to go repair the shower, you know, after I'm done watching Lincoln sleep. Because today, after 'the scare' he really only wants to sleep on cushy non-approved safe baby sleeping surfaces and I need to make sure he's breathing.

And because he's cute.

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