Dec 5, 2014

Nursery Project: Pennant Garland

So while I'm busy doing things like snuggling the cutest baby alive and working on writing his birth story, I figured I'd share the nursery projects with you that I've been working on in the past few months to get ready for Lincoln's arrival. 

I don't pretend like I'm writing these up as I try to get spit up out of my hair, I did write them ahead of time in hopes to share them with you as I adjusted to being a mom.

I love these projects. Mostly because they're almost free and filled with love and easy. But also because I love how they came out.

So I've been wanting to do a million things at the house. Right now I'm in the middle of painting the desk in our living room, getting the nursery ready, and of course pulling all the crabgrass from our back yard. You know, normal pregnant lady things...

But of course there are times when I should not be lifting a desk by myself, so the desk is only half painted. And there are times when it's like 95 degrees out and I'm sweating buckets and they say pregnant ladies can't get too hot or something, so there are just patches of crabgrass-free lawn...

But the nursery is in the air conditioning... and I can turn on HGTV or the Food Network or College Football and I can cut and craft until my little heart is content in the coolness of the A/C.

So I made some garland. I call it pennant garland, but some people call it bunting. When I think of bunting I think of babies in snow suits, but then again when I think of garland I think of the plasticy green stuff that goes up at Christmas. Either way it's like a banner made of little flags.

You may remember the rose garland that I made for Hannah's room. I love it. But it doesn't scream "there's a boy on the way" so for now it's coming down and going up in my bedroom. I like it that much.

So I left the pins on the wall and I'm making a little something new.

I started out by using the old garland to measure how much new garland I needed. Like I said I did it the lazy way and just left the pins in place. And I cut out different sizes of pennants to see which size and shape I liked best. When looking online I found some that were short and fat and long and skinny so I tried them all out.

Then I selected my colors. Again I perused Pinterest for a little inspiration. I wanted to keep the same overall colors in the nursery. I like the light turquoise wall color (Sea Kiss by Valspar) and lots of white. I didn't want to repaint the walls but I knew I wanted to bring in a little navy and green.

So I went to Michael's and I bought some craft paper. I ended up using the three colors on the left. The gray ended up being a little too moody and as much as I loved the purple, it was getting a bit girly...

I ended up using the pennant stencil that I made, and I just traced the pennant onto the craft paper and cut it out. It was pretty straightforward.

Then I laid out all the pennants. I wanted to make sure I liked the spacing of the colors before I started gluing things down. I didn't want the colors to be in a perfect pattern, but I didn't want to be left with five navy pennants in a row at the end or anything.

Initially I bought white ribbon to glue on the front side of the garland and I liked it. Nice and sharp. But for what I wanted in the room I thought the white was a little too much. So I whipped out some hemp and decided that it would do the trick glued on the back of the pennants. Have I second guessed this decision since then... yes. Who knows?

A little Aleene's and we were in business.

And we ended up with these...

And at least for now I have it hung above the crib with my cute little outdoor garland right on top. I'm not quite committed to the look, hence I didn't trim the string at the end yet, you know, just in case I want to change it. Baby's not supposed to be here for like nine more weeks so we've got time to fiddle with things...

Note: If you think the wall looks like it changed color from the first picture with the rose garland, it didn't. This one is more true to the color of the paint. The first picture must have been taken with our yellow light bulbs on and I guess I didn't setup my white balance...

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