Dec 16, 2014

December 16th from Kyle's Point of View.

Normally you hear from Brittany, but I wanted to make a quick appearance on the Hint of Hess Blog.

One Year, things can change so quickly in one year. One year ago, we found out that our Daughter Hannah had died at 39 weeks. Our world changed that day.  Brittany and I were expecting our little girl any day and suddenly she was gone. No diapers to change, no cries to soothe, no time for snuggles. We changed from expecting parents to grieving parents. Having walked through death of a child, I have changed. I don’t love the same, I don’t view friends and family the same,  and I try to view each day as a special gift from God. I hurt more, cry more, confess more, love more, enjoy more, and sometimes feel nothing more.  
A year later I have changed again. Father to a handsome son. There are now diapers to change, cries to soothe, time for snuggles, and love to be had. Sleep deprived, schedules flipped upside down, and loving every minute of it.   Looking back over the last 365 days, I have changed, my wife has changed, our families and friends have changed because of Hannah’s life and death, and now Lincoln’s life.
Lots of things have changed, but not everything.
Today I am thankful that one thing hasn’t changed. God. He hasn’t changed, His character, His love, His righteousness. None of that has changed. He was good on December 16th 2013 when we thought our world was crashing around us. He is good on December 16th 2014 when we are up all hours in the night taking care of an infant. He will be good on December 16th for eternity. That is Truth. That is what we held onto in the midst of despair, and what we still cling to in the midst of Joy. God is not defined by our circumstances or the good or bad things that are happening in our life. God is defined by His Character and Nature. Truth that can be discovered by searching His word and learning more about who He is. I pray that today you will hold onto this Truth, or today that you will discover this Truth.
Tomorrow as we Celebrate Hannah’s Birthday, we celebrate the time we had with her, and we celebrate the Faithfulness of our God.  We are thankful for the many gifts He has given us that we don’t deserve, but most importantly we are Thankful for Jesus.   For His Life, Death, and Resurrection.   He loves us, Oh how He loves us.

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