Dec 1, 2014

No He Isn't: Thanksgiving

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving. It has been quite busy around the Hess house with little baby Lincoln and with our families in for Thanksgiving and you know, trying to figure out when to shower...

Today's post is a little about our Thanksgiving, but I know many of you are awaiting Lincoln's birth story. Don't worry, I'm trying to put it into words. It's just a little harder this time around, because his birth was only the beginning of this little guy's life, not the end like Hannah's. Somehow the story seems less significant, because I can tell you so many stories about his life afterwards. 

But I am working on it. His birth was a most incredible, indescribable day. But today, here's a little about our Thanksgiving.

November 27, 2014

Today was a most wonderful Thanksgiving.

Because of Lincoln's impending birth we made our Thanksgiving plans a little differently this year. We decided not to travel as Lincoln was due right around Thanksgiving and under no circumstances did I want to be stuck on the side of the road having a baby.

So this year our family came to us. They came for Thanksgiving and many of them came to meet Lincoln for the first time. Both of our families poured into town into our little home for Thanksgiving. Yes, I had been a little stressed about all the events and visitors and food preparations.

But it was perfect.

It made my heart smile to see my brother laughing with Kyle's sister and her husband. It made me happy to see my family playing board games with Kyle's niece and nephews even though it meant the rules constantly changed in favor of the younger player. It made my heart so very full to see my sister and Kyle's niece skipping around the house together like the two 'baby sisters' that they are.

We filled our garage with long white tables and folding chairs. We had paper plates and plastic utensils to make things easier. We had numerous crock pots cooking Thanksgiving dinner because we just didn't have the oven or stove space to cook everything otherwise. I would have pulled in our ping pong table to eat off of had we needed it, because yes, it felt very perfectly Charlie Brown.

But just a few minutes before we sat down to eat, one little guy said something that filled my heart more than he could ever comprehend.

Kyle's sister Rebekah's oldest son was holding our little Lincoln so very carefully on the couch. His younger brother and sister surrounded him, as if they needed to be less than a foot from Lincoln to love him best. I was explaining to them how although Lincoln is not the first grandkid on 'their side' of the family, that he is the first on ours, the oldest like Rebekah's oldest on 'their side'.

And then our little nephew looked up at me so very matter-of-fact and said,

'No he isn't.'

'Because Hannah.'

And as my heart swelled I looked at him and said, 'yes, that's right.' Those were all the words I could get out without crying the deepest tears of joy.

It is Thanksgiving, and our family was together, all of us remembered. Thankful for a home full of love, our little Lincoln, and our sweet Hannah.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you be thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given you, even the ones that may not seem like blessings to the world outside.

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