Jun 21, 2013

Colorado Family

If you don't know, my husband runs a family camp in Colorado. Every summer we move up to a little camp in the mountains and we fall in love with the staff and families we get to work with all summer. That's kind of what we're up to (other than the baby building of course).

Figured we'd show off our staff, like they were our very own family. Well, because they kind of are...

This is the Family Camp family. They work with Kyle all summer, we're falling in love with them. I think they like us too.

This is the Wilderness family. They're hard core. They live in the wilderness for days at a time... I can't say I'd survive that.

Then my hubby and his boss up here at the Ute Trail. Don't they both look so happy? Colorado men have beards, it's just a fact.

Then our Sigma family. They're the 'cool' ones on camp. 17 year olds think they're amazing, and they are... but 17 year olds don't think I'm as cool for some reason...

This is the Base Camp family. These are my peeps. They make things happen: like food, fun, and functionality. All things necessary.

Then Skeet and his lovely daughter who's one of my peeps. Isn't that family love for ya?

And then all of us. We're going to have a great summer :)

Are they not wonderful? I love them, and they make me laugh, and I have weird crazy "there's not enough oxygen up here" dreams about them during the summer, and they call me Mama Hess, they call Kyle Papa Hess.

And I kind of love it.

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