Feb 29, 2012

Warnings and Motor Curses

So I just need you all to be aware of the recent curse that seems to be following me around these past few days. It's been quite comical actually...

I think I'll call it the "if you have a motor and I touch you, you will break" curse.


So about a week and a half ago I was driving my work vehicle when the tire pressure light started to blink. It was pouring down rain and apparently my tire was deflating quickly. Took it to the shop... replaced two tires.

Then a few days ago Kyle and I bought some cowboy boots. Our first pairs ever really, since we live in Texas and all.  And I said to Kyle, "You know since we're spending money on boots the car is going to break down tomorrow?"

Apparently I'm psychic.

Next morning I get in my favorite little 1997 Saturn and turn the key. It sounds like the car wants to start but then it just doesn't. I try a few more times, no success. At this point I'm running late and Kyle suggests I take the Camry.

Yep, bet you didn't know we got a new-to-us car. Bought it at the end of the year for a number of reasons... one being the decreasing reliability of the Saturn. But I still drive the Saturn back and forth to work because it gets GREAT gas mileage and I don't want to put 90 miles a day on our new-to-us car.

So I hopped in the Camry and headed off to work.

Then I was on my way home from work and turned on the air conditioning...Light starts blinking, then shut off. The manual says this means I need to get my A/C repaired. :( We all remember that I bought a new air conditioner for the Saturn less than a year ago, right?

Sunday we decided to get to work on the lawn and we cranked up the lawn mower. Then it died. then we cracked it up again, then it died.  The curse continues.

For now, we've got people looking into these problems and it may not be too detrimental, or we're hoping...

But the real kicker:
One lady I work with was giving me a hard time about my luck with vehicles. She joked yesterday, since I was riding with her in her work car, that she was worried that the car would break down since I was riding in it.

Guess who got a flat tire?  Bet you can't guess...


I'm wondering if I need to come with a warning sign. Just so people know what they're up against. ...or maybe return those cowboy boots ;)

Off to read what my professor had to say about my thesis first draft...

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  1. Sorry to hear about this. But I do have to admit that I laughed out loud. And thanks for that, I needed it after the long day I had. Sending good luck prayers your way!


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