Feb 7, 2012

A Tale of Two Sewing Machines

I'm not sure if I've shared with you about my new sewing machines. Yep plural, I have TWO.
I went from none to two when someone asked my mom if she wanted a sewing machine… I think. Mom knew I was looking into sewing and they gave them right to me! How lucky and nice is that!
You won't believe them.
Machine Number One: The Seventies Model
This is the Singer Touch & Sew 756.  It does the fancy zig-zag stitched and the like with just a turn of the dial. Apparently it was one of the first of its kind in the fancy-stitch department. :)
This is the manual that came with it. Don't you just love it!
I can't seem to get the bobbin to engage yet… I'm working on it.

Then there's Machine Number Two: The Probably 1950s model.

Yep, 1950s. I've got a call to make to singer because apparently this early of a model isn't dated, but you can call in the serial number and they say they'll tell you when it was produced. The last copyright date on the manual is 1952.
Really though isn't it just BEAUTIFUL!
I looked it up and apparently these machines are known to work hard and work forever.  Sometimes they need new wiring so I'll check that out, but it works. Moves a little slow but I hear that means it may just need a little oil…

Don't you love how it folds into this little table? :)
So right now I actually have zero fully functioning sewing machines.. but soon… because I need to get on those curtains for the kitchen. :)
Anyone every oiled up an old sewing machine before??

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  1. Brit those sewing machines are about the coolest thing I've ever seen. Also, you know I'm living for that manuel! <3


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