Feb 2, 2012

Made It.

So we made it through that thing called comps.

But really, barely, lol.

Turns out that what I thought was just "allergies" on the Friday that comps started was actually some nasty virus thing that ended up being sort of terribly awful and contagious, sorry Kyle :(

Luckily 12-hour Sudafed kind of saved my life... well... after waiting in the pharmacy line to purchase it from behind the counter. I told Kyle on the phone while standing in line, "they're keeping the medicine locked up. It's probably because teenagers use it to make that meth drug that blows people's cars up." Turns out I was right, I probably shouldn't have been talking as loud as I was, and after saying "teenagers" like I did I realized how old I'm getting :(

But I downed Sudafed every 12 hours on the dot, 24 hour allergy (just in case it was still "allergies") and cranked out four papers when two of the nights I couldn't see the computer screen past the fog.

Imagine calling your boss the week she knows you have a big school assignment and saying "I'm sick." Luckily I have a wonderful boss who knew I was actually telling the truth.

But we survived, and I say "we" because Kyle cooked all week and I think they maybe should give him a little certificate too when I finish this Masters. :)

3-4 weeks and they'll mail out the results. Until then I told myself I'd keep the momentum up and crank out my thesis manuscript.  So I'm trying to stick to it. Other than tonight of course when I "just want to relax..."

And with all that, we did actually get some fun stuff done around the house this week.. one project that's been waiting half done since before Thanksgiving for me to finish! Can't wait to show it off!

Happy done-ness.

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