Nov 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Working for the VA makes me love our Veterans. Some people complain about their patients or their customers, but my idea is that unless you have customers you're out of a job. And also, these guys fought so we could have freedom. Can't thank them enough. I love my Veterans.

So today in the irony that I have the day off for Veteran's Day (irony being that the VA clinic closes to honor Veterans...) I spent the day living up my freedom.

Slept in (until about 8am).

Then headed out garage sale-ing with my friend Amanda and her awesome kiddos. We headed to the first sale, and the she told me about the elementary school Veteran's Day program. With me in tow to help with her two kiddos we could go attend her other kid's school program.

She liked to say that she tricked or kidnapped me. But I had a blast.

Hearing 500plus elementary school kids sing Grand Ole Flag, laughing at Boston who thought we were talking about him the whole time, making her youngest smile when she hated to be in the car seat. More garage sale-ing, reading Dr. Seuss, eating corn dogs, making Moon Pies explode in the microwave.

Day well spent. Thanks.

My only regret is that I didn't pull out my camera.

(The House Project is coming soon... stay tuned.)

1 comment:

  1. This was such a wonderful way to honor our Vets.As only my Britt would do.


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