Nov 30, 2011

Little Dribblers

So I'll pretty much come right out and tell ya that I'm clumsy.

I know many girls in middle school who say they're clumsy and klutzy and things, but mine went way beyond middle school.

I have no hand-eye coordination unless I have a face mask on, and let's just say I was better at dance than anything that involved a ball.  I was one of the tall kids in school, and sure I've been told I have an "athletic" build (although I have no idea what that means). But I have never, and I repeat, never, played a real, actual game of basketball. Not even in P.E.

But guess who's coaching a little girls' basketball team this season?


It's me.

...poor kids. 

We're going to have fun, and they're going to love rocking out to the great music we'll play at practice from my boombox, and they'll call me "coach."

But I have no idea if they'll learn anything about basketball.

But they needed a coach, and they're so young they've never played before. And they tell me I'll get a rule book and videos on basketball drills.  It's like when they needed a coach for the Mighty Ducks and Coach Bombay stepped in... except that he played hockey, and was really good at it, and almost made the pros. ;)

It'll prove to be hilarious. I'm sure we'll have many stories to tell. And I'm not just messing around; I'm going to look up the rules of basketball right now.... and then I'll have to learn how to dribble.

And I guess I'll have to buy a basketball...

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  1. Hey Brittany,

    Take it from an OLD coach's x-wife -- many years of basketball under my belt -- you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have to be able to play. You just have to understand the game and teach the basics. With a book and a video, you will be fine. And -- I predict -- if there is a Little Dribblers championship your team will win!!! They certainly will have the smartest and most fun coach for sure. Love, Ms. Judy


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