Nov 16, 2011

House Project: The "Office"

Project one ought to be small. Not the kitchen, or a big space. Just something little.

The "office."

We have a two bedroom, two living room house. But somehow neither of the extra rooms is the "office." Instead the desk is in the main living room. It fits there. And I like it there. But it's lonely. (Excuse our "moving" mess.)

And here's what I'm thinking...

I'm thinking three frames on the left for my undergrad degree, for my internship completion certificate, and then a blank one with some funny/motivating message. I'm not trying to show off degrees here, it's literally to motivate me to finish my thesis while I sit for hours at that desk working on it.

Then I'm thinking some small pictures on the bottom right and a 1 or 2-color panted canvas on the top right. Like these but with a more office-y message... then again these messages work too. Remind me to take a break and think about what really matters.

Then I'm up for ideas. Really.

Any ideas...Colors, I'm going to paint the desk some color...although I like the white-ish tones, antique white. Will paint the wall some color when I get to the rest of the living room.

But I would love ideas! Links, pictures, anything! What are you doing in your "office" or pinning on your pinterest, lol?

1 comment:

  1. have you heard of pinterest? i think you should check it out.


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