Sep 26, 2011

Worse Sound I Ever Heard.

So I was driving to work today in my trusty 1997 Gold Saturn SL. LOVE this car. It gets 35 miles to the gallon and I tell everyone about it...

And today when I started the car the RPMs revved up without me doing anything. But then they went down and I started on my 45 mile journey to work.  I thought the car may have sounded a little funny, so I rode the entire way without the radio. And then I told myself I was being silly.


As I pulled into work and the noise of the road was diminishing, I heard it. The clanky clank sound of death coming out of my engine like steel clowns were juggling tin cans.

(Then I decided to wait until the end of the day to worry about it because I was "too busy" at work)

4:30pm. Called Dad. Called Kyle. Ran around the office to see if anyone lived anywhere near me and would let me hitchhike home with them... No time today to get it looked at, but we'll check out the repair shops in the area and see if they say anything other than the Saturn's Eulogy.

I wanna think about how we close on a house on Friday and my car breaks down this week. I wanna think about how I painstakingly checked the oil every time I filled up. I wanna think about how I got the oil changed on time, and how even though I waited too long to get the tires rotated...I still rotated them. I wanna think about how I took care of this car better than most people and it still may die today. ...we'll see.

But really I need to just think about how grateful I am. For the fact that my husband doesn't need his truck this week. For the fact that we have an emergency fund. And for the woman at the front desk that drove me 20 miles out of her way to get me home. And who told great stories about her own cars while doing it. I am eternally grateful.

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  1. That's so sweet that the lady drove you home and you didn't get stranded. I know this situation can be a real pain but I'm thankful for your positive attitude! Love you "mom"!


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