Sep 8, 2011


Okay so I know I promised pictures... but our camera is at a friend's house. Ooops.
Luckily Kyle got a fancy smart phone and he just emailed me some pics :)

My and my awesome sister!!

 Yay for Victory! (Sorry my elbows bend weird).

But I'll wait for all the stories of awesome Labor Day weekend...

But I just had to update everyone because I'm coming along so quickly on the fall list, and it's not even fall yet!!

A.  I joined Pinterest. I'm not sure all of how it works yet, and the server is slow if you log on at peak hours... but I think it's going to do wonders for our future home..

B. YEP! We may have a new home!!!! It's pending inspection right now, but things have been signed and we cannot wait to see if it'll really be ours! (Then I'll spill all the details).

C. And we even had a Labor day BBQ, and went to some fun dinner and parties already! Oh community, how I love you.

D. And SCHOOL started today! My last first day of school. Statistics started today, and it's my LAST class :)

 So our fall is really productive. And there's even more to come. Really. So many things. I think fall may be my favorite, did I mention college football started too ;)

What are you doing this fall? You know the wonderful weather's made you think about it...

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