Sep 13, 2011

Oh Crazy Life.

So life has gotten crazy again in the way that life gets when you have things like homework...

But you really wanna play around on Pinterest... or read the new manual you found to your new kiln for your new hobby...

This is my life.

Note the tabs at the top:
"Ceramic Class Free On Line"
"PSYC 542": AKA My Statistics Class
"": Tracking the location of one of my books for my statistics class.

Or maybe the bottom tabs:
"Windows Task Manager": Because I have the slowest computer you've ever seen.
Microsoft Word... PSYC homework.

That's my life right now, lol. Until we have the interns over for dinner! Or until we go to a Nebraska football game IN Nebraska! Or until we hear back everything on the house!

But of course, if you're busy today, take time to relax after all the work is done. PSYC homework complete: I'm headed to relax :)

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