Sep 3, 2011

Arlington here we come!

So we're headed to Arlington right this minute..

For the LSU GAME!!

We could not be more excited, we even bought new LSU shirts and everything. (Harder to get in Texas than Louisiana). And I tried to teach Kyle the fight song, and I serenaded him with the Alma Mater ;) And we ate boudin this week...

And I even watched videos online so that I know what to expect from the game... because we all know I don't follow LSU in the off-season. And it being the first game of the year I have nothing to go off of.

Weird part: the players are now younger than me and it makes me feel old. On the other hand: some of the players that were playing when I was at LSU are still there... making me feel young again!

Awesome part: my sister will be on the sidelines working her tail off... look for her on TV, she'll be the really gorgeous one carrying water bottles ;)

Geaux Tigers!!

(Pics to come of course!!)

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