May 11, 2011

Falling Off Horses

So you know how you get really excited about working out in January? And then February comes around, March, April, and in May you find your exercise equipment full of dust and your waistline just a bit bigger than last year's swimsuit?

I feel like that's what happened to the blog.

Don't worry. I'm dusting it off and we're back.

It's just that there's so much going on here: my birthday, Easter, Kyle's birthday, Mother's Day and our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

See so many things. And better yet, we head to Colorado really really soon. And we're getting a new roommate!

See. Now you'll have to keep coming back for all our exciting adventures. I'll try not to let the dust build up again...on the blog, my metaphorical exercise equipment, and of course on my real exercise equipment ;)

Today. Get back on the horse. Whichever horse it was that you fell off.

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