Apr 12, 2011


So growing up I had never been someone to write in textbooks. Honestly, the text books belonged to the school so we got in trouble if we did. It took me a long while... like nearing the end of my senior year in college... before I was able to really underline, circle, or highlight in books. I was keeping them. They were mine.

And honestly I learn better when I underline and circle what I'm reading...

Apparently the guy (I call him Brandon in my head) who owned by Statistics book before me also liked to "highlight".

Do we know why Brandon thought it was smart to highlighten in a dark-ish green. It kind of makes it hard to read only the really important words...

I guess that's what you get when you buy a used book. Oh wait, nope I ordered a "new" book and this was what they sent me.

They charged me $25 less. So I'm grateful.

Buy something used today. Or find a new use for something old. But just don't highlight it in dark-green. :)

[PS: I know it's April now, and the picture up top is supposed to change... I even have great ideas, but I have more homework than ideas. So back burner.]

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