Feb 9, 2011

I'm Losing It

So I work with patients who are, shall we say, elderly. And some of them are, well, forgetful.

It's rubbing off.

So Monday morning I got up early (on time), ate breakfast, read the daily devotional with Kyle, got dressed and gave Kyle a "honey have a wonderful day" kiss as I headed out the door.

Then I realized I needed my keys. But they weren't on the key hook! They weren't on the couch, were not in my purse... Could not find the keys. But I did find oh! no! the meat we bought last night and forgot to put in the fridge! but still the keys weren't there either!

After delaying my departure and making me a little upset, I ran to get my spare car key and headed out the door. Oh money wasted on now spoiled food, and time wasted on the fact that I cannot seem to use the key hook.

So Monday I returned home after work and Kyle and I headed to the store to re-buy the meat that spoiled. I'm still trying to figure out where my keys are because by this time I've really looked everywhere. Where could they be??

Yep. In the planter by the garage. In the dirt. That's right kids, I'm losing it.

Make a plan today about what you'll do when you start to lose your mind. I got married: found a man who can find my keys, even if they are in the flowerless planter under the carport. Thanks Kyle.

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  1. Hey,you are so sweet and busy taking care of others and being a wonderful wife to Kyle ,you don't have time for yourself! Guess what...I saw the Sun today ? Love you guys,Aunt Billie


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