Sep 14, 2010

Name Changed! Oh wait, not yet.

So after much research, after pressing 1 for English and 2 for help with everything else, and then 0 to speak to an operator, today I set out on my journey to change my name. Some of you may be thinking "wait, she's been married for over 4 months and has yet to change her name!!" but little do you know about the systems of name change. And if you're a boy and married: kiss your wife for the hassle she went through to change her name, if you're not married yet, someday, thank your wife, lots.

Heading to the Driver's License Office
So the Social Security Administration was simple, and I received my new SS Card in the mail yesterday with my new last name! So today I load up my car with everything I need for any errand to run in Tyler and all documents that identify me or any of my belongings and begin my trek. Then I realize I didn't write down how much cash I would need at the Driver's License Office. No worries, I'll just call my mom on the way and see if she can look it up.

Then to City Hall
Now headed to Tyler and realize that the menu that I listened to on the automated message from the Driver's License Office while trying to figure out the payment, never mentioned anything about car registration. But I know I need proof of registration and insurance in the state of Texas to get my new license! So I see the sign for the City Hall of Lindale and I pull in and I ask the poor lady sitting behind the desk, "where can I register my car?" She directs me down Highway 69, turn left at the BBQ place and it's the red metal building...hmm.

Then the Smith County Offices
So I find the building, closed for 5 more minutes due to lunch hour and finally get inside. The woman behind the counter takes my paperwork as I read a sign that says "Cash or Check only, No Out-of-County Checks" and I realize that my checks aren't even from a county, they're from a Parish and I don't have tons of cash just hanging out in my back pocket. I notify her that I'll have to be back "in-a-sec" because I need to get cash, and she says "oh honey, it'll be more than a sec, you need to A. get better proof of insurance, update your coverage for the Texas standards, B. get a Texas inspection sticker, and C. return with $88 cash! Well, okay.

So at this point I've called Kyle and my mother to make the best decision. I decide I'll head over for insurance, but seeing as it's later in the day and I don't want to be driving around with a Texas inspection sticker and a Louisiana plate, I'll postpone until tomorrow.

To State Farm
So I head to State Farm. Oh, how wonderful State Farm is, if you don't like your insurance company switch to them, my agent is wonderful and really a God-send. So I explain that I will be adding my car to my new husband's policy so that it meets the Texas state requirements. Amanda (my agent) informs me that yep, she understands, but really my card printed in Louisiana simply has less information than the people in Texas are used to. My current coverage from Louisiana is fine to get registered with, and then when I have more time, we'll go ahead and add me to Kyle's plan. She prints me a large Texas sized insurance card with mu Louisiana insurance info and I'm all set. whew!

So for those of you who may not have been able to keep track here's the
How to Change your Name while Moving from Louisiana to Texas
1. Wait to receive your Marriage Certificate in the mail.
2. Go to Social Security Administration with a) Marriage Certificate and b)License to apply for your Name-changed Social Security Card. This one is FREE!
3. Wait to receive your Social Security Card in the mail.
4. Get the title signed over from your parents if they owned your car previously and they are giving it to you, or obtain the Title to your Car.
5. Get your car inspected in the state of Texas to obtain an Inspection Sticker, there will be a fee.
6. Obtain Texas sized Proof of Insurance. It must state the Liability Amounts.
7. Go to the County offices with your Title, License, Proof of Insurance, and a vehicle with a current Texas Inspection Sticker and $88 in Cash (as of 9/14/2010).
8. Go to the Driver's License Office (you may not have one in your small town, I have to go to Tyler) with your New Social Security Card, Registration Proof, Proof of Insurance, Birth Certificate, and Marriage Certificate and Cash (Amount may Vary).
9. Tie Up all loose ends: Visit your bank and change the name on all your accounts, order new debit cards, and checks as needed. Notify your health insurance and auto insurance company. Notify your employer. Notify the university you attend and have attended for their records (you may have to fax them a copy of your marriage certificate). Notify any professional organizations you are a member of (American Dietetic Associate, etc.).
10. Have your husband take care of dinner that night ;)

I'm loving married life, glad and excited to change my name! and normally, I wouldn't mess with Texas, but today, Texas messed with me first. Good luck to future brides, I'll notify you all when my name is eventually changed :)


  1. P.S. The name is now officially, and finally after 4 plus months 'Hess'

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