Sep 6, 2010

Clearing Clutter: Labor Day

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Okay, so don't worry, that is NOT a picture of my own home... It is however a picture of the worry that someday my home may look like this. Here's the thing: Anyone out there ever started from scratch moving in and finding the right place for everything to go? Well I'm sure maybe tons, but it's quite a daunting task. Sure I could just stuff everything in a closet (wait, we don't have many of those, lol) or a bag or bin, but I really like for everything to have it's very own space.

For those of you who knew me in high school and saw my room, you may not believe that... at all. See I was so involved that I had no time to really clean, and well when I did have time to clean all the Stuff that I had accumulated had no shelf, no cubby, no box that it had been assigned to. So if I didn't know where it was supposed to go, it stayed on the floor. Well, in high school, many things that did have a place were still on the floor.  The summer after my senior year, I found time to clean, really throw stuff away, get rid of things, use the shelves and WOW... fun thing for you is that I took step by step pictures. Here it is:

So now in my very own house (well we rent it, but still it's our home) I want to do the same thing as we move in so that nothing ever is in need of it's own "spot." I just spent some glorious time throwing away all the make-up in my travel toiletries bag that I've had since high school, maybe even some middle school (oh my!) and why have I been lugging that around with my literally everywhere I travel, whew! And I tell you what it felt great, absolutely wonderful.

So today, being labor day... sure get outside, enjoy the weather, enjoy your family, but maybe you can sneak in some time for the throwing away of old things that tie you down, whether it be your old makeup, your old clothes (donate), or the monogrammed napkin from that wedding you went to when you were younger that honestly you don't even know where those people live anymore. (Seriously). Keep the old family, and the old friends.

Enjoy Labor Day, you've more than likely worked really hard this year.

And don't worry, lol, pictures of our real house soon... once clutter cleared.

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