Mar 4, 2015

Living and Active

Note: I do want to apologize to everyone or anyone who decided to follow with me on this scripture journey. I have not kept up my end of the bargain. Motherhood has been more busy than I have realized and although that's no excuse to forget scripture memory, it has been my excuse in not completing my posts for this scripture project. I do hope to get back to this project soon. Keep an eye out for the updates!

Sometimes 'they' say to start easy. 'They' say to start with something that's simple, and easy to accomplish so that your success in overcoming the first obstacle motivates you to continue.

'Others,' however, say to start with the reason, the motivation, the 'why' that motivates you. That your motivation will organically 'bloom' when you understand why.

I don't know who is right.

But I guess I'm starting with thought number two and giving you a little help on number one.

If you'd like to join me in a little scripture memory over the next few weeks, I would love that.

If you don't want to join me, well, I'll be doing it anyway and posting as I go along and so well, it'll still be here.

Living and Active

That's what I'm calling it.

And this, is the 'why' that becomes our first verse.

For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of the soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
Hebrews 4:12

I know it's long. The verses will not all be this long. But, yep, some of them will. Do I think the Lord helps to empower us to memorize His word? Yes. Do I think it is without our own discipline? No.

But at a time in my life when discipline in other areas may be impossible, this is possible for me. When I'm up four times a night to feed my kiddo and my phone's in my hand, or when I scroll through instagram with nothing new to see as my sweet baby sleeps in my arms... It's possible for me.

So this is how it will work:

Every week on Monday there will be a new scripture. It is my personal goal to have that scripture memorized by the next Sunday. Each verse will come with a picture background and I will do my best to make the picture coordinate with the verse as to help you memorize it.

How can you join? There are three ways:

1. Instagram
Follow me on instagram at brittanyhess. Yes, you will see the cute pictures of my sweet kiddo too, but that's just an added bonus.

2. Facebook
If you are already my friend on Facebook, you will automatically see the posts from Instagram. Currently I am only 'friends' with people I know, but we now have a Hint of the Hess House Facebook Page that you can 'like' to follow the blog if you are one of our 'blog family'!

3. Right here on the blog.
If the smart phone isn't for you, or you prefer to simply come here to the blog. I'll be posting the verses right here every Monday for the next few weeks with a little bit about the verse or about how the last week if scripture memory went.

And this week you get a head start because the verse goes up today. So you have a week and a half to learn this one!

My prayer is that you would join me in memorizing His living and active word, that the Lord's truths would fill your heart, and that in times of mourning or rejoicing you would find these verses hidden in your heart. To God be the glory.

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