Mar 27, 2013

Spring in the Kitchen Window

After getting really excited about spray painting everything, and then really bummed out when it turned below freezing here in the middle of East Texas... I needed a pick me up. That pick me up this week was my kitchen counter top garden!

I planted these guys about one month ago, and since then the green onions have been going crazy. I'm harvesting green onions way faster than we can eat them. Pretty much, when they get tall I cut them back to the lip of the jar and they grow right back. I've cut them back about four times since I 'planted' them, so I guess about once a week! I change the water every few days and they seem to love it. Still considering planting them in soil if they need it though.

For now I'm putting the onions I harvest (that I don't eat right away) in the freezer. I figure I'll use the dehydrator to dry some out later, and then use the frozen ones in soups and stews. (Frozen veggies tend to be mushy when thawed, so if you're wanting crisp green onions out of the freezer you may be disappointed.)

They're so pretty though and they yell "Spring!" every time I walk into the kitchen.

And then there were the herbs. The ones I planted from seeds...

I had just about given up on the seeds (Impatient much?). I figured it was too cold being right by the window or I didn't keep them moist enough while we were away on vacation. But I figured I'd water them and lay some plastic wrap lightly over them to keep in the moisture and wait a few days.

And guess what?

These little guys popped right up! Pardon the pictures, they were taken with my phone, through plastic wrap... These little guys are oregano. No signs of life from the thyme or cilantro yet... but isn't the oregano cute?

So even though I defrosted my car this morning before going to work... it really is Spring! At least in my kitchen window it is.

Happy Spring! Just praying for some spray painting weather, I've got a list going... until then maybe I'll have to paint a room or something...

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  1. I love spring! Way to make it real Brittany! JH


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