Mar 8, 2013

Our First Official Hess Vacation

Spring Break is so close I can feel it. And here at the Hess House spring break is what I'm calling our first vacation, woo hoo! Hess House Road Trip 2013!!

 I'm sure you'll understand. See, when we got married we went on a honeymoon like most newlyweds. But ... After a weekend away at a great little cabin, I had to go to work! I was finishing my internship and they couldn't let me off. So we stayed in Shreveport at a fancy hotel and each morning I headed off to work in my scrubs and each afternoon Kyle and I hit up town (that's Kyle showing off his bling, lol).

The last weekend of our honeymoon I competed my lifeguard certification (great timing, I know...) and then we hooked up the trailer and headed to Colorado for the summer to work at camp. See?

I think we had been married for like 10 days when I gave this training in Colorado... (It's beautiful and wonderful... but we were working.)

Since then I've used all of my vacation days to visit Kyle in Colorado in the summers or to see my family more than one day at Christmas... We've stolen away for a few short weekends: cabin in Arkansas,  marriage conference in Dallas, LSU game in Baton Rouge, or even Nebraska for a Huskers game. And we love our little vacations...

But now's the time for our first official real vacation and I could not be more excited! I have my new job at the school and so we have spring break and the Hesses, we are traveling!

We've got big plans of a Big Ole Texas Road Trip and we've got a nice big list of all the places we want to see. Fun part is, as much as I am a planner (and may have already made a list of all the locations, hours of business, costs of admission, and reviews) we are kind of flying by the seat of our pants and doing what we want and just vacationing!

So who really knows where we'll end up, it's such a big state! I know some spots on our list that are a must, like I want to go to Six Flags and NASA and swing through Louisiana for some good crawfish and a quick trip to see the rents (I think that's short for parents, right? ...I'm cool.). But since we're not from Texas we'd love any suggestions!!

So we're kind if inviting you to play along and help us out with our road trip. Please!! What are the must-sees in Texas? Best places to eat? Hike? Play? Stay? Visit? We're ready for museums, weird shops, historical monuments, and the best food we've ever tasted!

Feel free to road trip with us and follow along via Instagram of the great Hess adventure. Instagram will be there, lol, I'm sure marking all of our somewhat-entertaining adventure...

But send us your ideas and suggestions! We're ready to make this great.

Happy Spring Break!

Note: If you're thinking we're silly for telling you we're going out of town soon and you think you can rob our house while we're gone or something. You're wrong, we have house sitters, and they're strong and scary and you don't want to mess with them... Just saying.

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