Mar 1, 2013

Smart Phone, here I come!

So if you know me, you know my phone. It's the one that's never mistaken for anyone else's phone. It's the one I don't mind dropping. Let's be honest, it's the one with the side-out keyboard.

My cell phone doesn't quite have the pull out antenna that my first phone once had, but it's not the latest technology. For example, if someone sent a group text, I'd get it 7-8 days later via picture mail. ...ish.

After checking out the more than reasonable prices on the iPhone 4s with a contract renewal. I realized I may be able to afford one of these fancy smart phones, lol. So I researched it to death, spent an hour in the store trying to decide, and then...

I got a new phone! Like the fancy ones with the touch screen and the camera and everything!

I know it's probably weird to blog about a new phone. But it's kind of a big deal around here. I mean I've been 'married' to my old phone longer than I've been married to my husband, lol. Really, like I think I already miss my old phone. Isn't that crazy?!

And because of my new fancy phone I'm pleased to announce that I got Instagram today and could not be more excited! So who knows, you may be get to see more random pictures that I take on my new phone and make look artsy :) Feel free to follow me on Instagram anytime, lol.  It may get real crazy when we take our big vacation in a few weeks. #firstrealhessvacationever

Anyways, it's Friday. Go play on your phone for too long and then once it's 5 o'clock go have a great weekend!! I may have a project or two up my sleeve this weekend... either way, I've got big plans next week on the blog. Stay tuned.

Happy Friday! Happy March! Where did February go?!

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