Jun 17, 2016

Big Bellies and New T-Shirts

A few nights ago I jumped online to buy some new summer shorts.

I have a few pair of 'summer camp' shorts that I wore a couple of years ago when I was pregnant with Lincoln. Then last summer I wore them again and a sweet friend said to me, "Brittany, you know, you could wear smaller shorts..." and I felt all glowy like I was the girl in Napoleon Dynamite.

"You could be drinking whole if you wanted to..." Anyone?

Well folks I have outgrown the big shorts. And just today someone asked me "how many on the way?" in which I'm pretty sure he was asking if I was having twins...

But I'm not complaining. I'm not looking for someone to say "wow you look so thin!" "Where is your bikini?" "Oh my you don't even look pregnant?!" Because come on...

The last few summers that I've been pregnant in Colorado we headed home in the fall when I hit the 20-22 week mark. This summer we arrived in Colorado at the 22 week mark and so I'm growing out of my summer clothing items quickly.

In the past when my belly has gotten this big I've been in my fancy work clothes and once arriving home I immediately donned by favorite pair of black baggy yoga pants and one of Kyle's man-sized t-shirts.

But now we're at camp. And all the maternity people make V-neck shirts which, if I'm being honest, are just not the most appropriate for the pregnant ladies to wear around family camp.

So this week I bought some new camp shirts, some Lake City t-shirts, and two new pair of athletic shorts in a larger, more comfy size. And man, clothes that fit are wonderful. We should all embrace it. My super cute extra large t-shirts are my new best friends.

Here's to 12 more weeks of growing, and to my doc who says "hmm, you're measuring big."

Yep, my husband was an 11 pound baby and my month early baby was seven pounds... We grow the men strong in the Hess house.

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