Oct 11, 2011


It's been a long day. We may or may not have closed on a house. How do we not know, well that's a long story. Don't worry though I'll share it later this week.

For now I've got assignments out the wazoo for my stat's class not to mention the midterm exam and possibly...possibly moving into the new house. Or at least packing... maybe?

But until then, I was procrastinating and found this video on Pinterest. It's part of the Pink Glove Dance Competition. Super cute, I even voted for it...

But warning, if you've had a really long day that included a whole lot of driving and waiting and hurrying and unexpected and closing closing closing-ness... it could make you cry. Don't worry, it's not sad at all. But if your a woman in a slightly emotional state you could get so inspired that you start crying, lol, maybe? (Maybe the slow motion starting at about 2:00 minutes?)

Yep watched it again. Same results.

Enjoy (while I'm studying). And of course, Happy Pinktober.


  1. Lindsay Beall AdamsOctober 11, 2011 at 9:15 PM

    Hello Mrs. Brittany! I must tell you that I love seeing your blog posts on my news feed! :) They are very entertaining and inspiring! I, too, came across this exact video this weekend while putting off thesis/statistics work, and I totally understand that emotional state you are talking about haha. And, by the way, I definitely agree with you that we have statistics work out the wazoo this week! Hope you and your hubby are doing great and that you are loving East Tx! --Lindsay (Beall) Adams

  2. Well thank you ma'am! Hope you and your new hubby are doing great as well! Glad to provide a little bit of a break to all the statistics madness. Not sure if you've taken the other Stats class yet, but don't worry it's much more easy to understand! :) -Brit

  3. As soon as they started showing the survivors, I was a goner. Love you!


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