Mar 8, 2016

Mountain Baby

For real.
Baby Hess Number Three is gonna be born in Colorado.
At like 8500 feet.
And possibly during camp.
If you've been around for a while you know that my husband works for a Christian camp based in Texas. We spend the 'school year' in Texas and then he runs the family camp they have in Colorado during the summer. This means that we get to live in Colorado for four months out of the year in the beautiful mountains with the cool, dry air surrounded by the sounds of wildlife and happy children. Sounds like a dream, but really, it's true.
We both work for camp while we are there so we stay quite busy, but it's a wonderful ministry type of busy and we can't complain about the setting!
But let's just say that when I went to see my doctor one of the nurses said something along the lines of "so I guess no Colorado vacation this year?" and I replied "oh, no, it's not a vacation, we move there. For four months. It's either I go with Kyle for four months or I miss my husband dearly, take care of a toddler all by myself while pregnant, and my husband misses the birth of his child. So yeah, we're going."
She was a little shocked.
But my doc is great. She determined the due date to be September 8th, give or take a few weeks on the actual delivery date of course. Lincoln came four weeks early so we're talking a window of about August 11th to September 10th. We live in Colorado until September 1st. So do the math.
If we try to make the sixteen hour drive home while one week from my due date, odds are in our favor for a roadside delivery.
If we try to get me home to Texas 'before the baby could possibly be born' we're talking about me leaving Colorado over a month early and doing the super-pregnant woman chases a toddler and daddy misses the birth of his child fiasco.
So we stay in Colorado. Until the baby is born.
I got on the phone with all the medical people and we've got a plan. I'll see my doc here in Texas until we head to Colorado. Once in Colorado I'll see a doc that I've seen for a few pregnancy checkups in summers past. She delivers babies and everything and will be able to delivery our baby at the nearby town's great little hospital. I have three friends that have delivered babies there before and I've heard no bad reviews. My insurance people say that everything's gravy, everyone's in-network, and we're all set to do this crazy thing.
It sounds crazy. Our baby could be born right in the middle of a camp session and we'd just bring the baby 'home' to our little cabin and I guess just be ready for the barn dance the next night! (Just kidding!) We pack the bags like baby could come 4 weeks early and we bring the things we think we can get by with. We try not to overload the car because we'll be travelling back home with two car seats this year! Man, oh, man!
It's still hard to wrap my mind around it all.
The Colorado. The traveling with a newborn and a toddler. The trying to walk up the hill to the campfire while nine months pregnant at 8500 feet. But most of all, it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that we are so very blessed to be pregnant again.
Baby Hess Number Three is on the way. Grow some healthy lungs kid, the air is thinner in Colorado.


  1. You will do great! So excited for you!

    1. Thanks! It will be an adventure for sure!

  2. Awesome! I say go for the birth at camp! :) Blessing and looking forward to seeing your beautiful pregnant self at the UTE


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