Jun 24, 2015

Colorado in May

We've been Colorado-ing.

In the very best way.

Our summers bring us to Colorado and they set the scene for adventure and traditions and now, of course, giggles and snuggles and tiny baby laughs.

Except of course that there's not a baby here anymore because every day he's turning into more and more of a 'little boy' and less and less of a baby.

But just to sum up the Hess summer thus far, in May:

Survived a seventeen hour car ride to Colorado.


Made it into town through the snow to catch a little opening day at the Lake City Bakery.


Started eating solid foods (well, Lincoln did...).

Made our first stop of the summer at the San Juan Soda Shop.

Welcomed the summer staff in our opening day polo, nametag, and dreamy smile.

Flew across the country-ish to my sister's wedding and broke hearts with a tiny bowtie.

May was full of many things.
It was full of moving and staff training and adjusting to new schedules. It was full of insecurity and wondering if I would be able to do camp well as a new mom. It was full of sleepless nights. And then it was full of rest and love and reassurance that the Lord has us here in Colorado to love and serve in a way that he has prepared our family for, even if in new ways this summer.
May was full of birthdays and mother's day and baby helmets and snow and sunshine.
Oh May in Colorado, what a blessing.

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