May 20, 2015

We Made It to Colorado

May 3, 2015

We made it.

I’m not sure how, other than the grace of God, but we made it.

We packed everything my husband could possibly squeeze into our pickup truck and for the sixth year in a row we left for Colorado for the summer. I continued to pack box after box and toy after toy and Kyle somehow made it all fit.

We left right after Lincoln woke.  We put the very last items in the car and we started our seventeen hour journey to our other home in Colorado.

Some people would call it their second home or their summer home. Wouldn’t we sound fancy if I said things like “Powderhorn Cabin: our summer home in Colorado”? But this here was our first home. It’s the first place that Kyle and I ever lived in the same state much less under the same roof.

Five years ago, seven days after our wedding, we loaded up the car and drove here for our first summer at Ute Trail. And yesterday we loaded up our little guy for the first time to take him to this place we love so much.

And somehow, past the hail covered roads and through the fits of crying and around the curves that seemed a little sharp, we rolled in last night just in time to lay in our beds and rest.

We employed much help from the squeaky toys and the ringing toys and the puppets and the chew keys and the stuffed animals. I’m not sure how long I made up songs for Lincoln while sitting in the back seat making the craziest of faces but it worked. We had a number of games of peek-a-boo and I know that at one point there was a theatrical production starring Wubanub Duckie and Sophie the Giraffe that Kyle had to endure.

But we made it.

We are here.

We are home. Again. And it’s summer… and it's almost time for camp.

Look out. Pictures and tales of the mountains are due any minute now.

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