Jan 9, 2015


It may have seemed a bit quiet here at the Hess House. You may have wondered where we are, or you may be working on your new year's resolutions and you haven't missed us at all.

Turns out keeping a baby alive is a bit more time consuming than one might realize.

But more than that I've been working on a few new things, figuring out where to say yes and where to say no, deciding what to write and how to write.

With so many changes there are many, many thoughts and much to write. So I'm writing and figuring out what writing looks like with a little guy around.

It's a new year. I have a new job. And I'm getting ready to share more. But for just a few more days, I'm living more and loving more and experiencing the life that gives life to my writing.

And well, I'm figuring out how to get our lives back together after the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the traveling all with limited sleep. Yes, our Christmas tree is still up, and no I haven't done any laundry since Christmas other than items with baby poop on them...

Don't worry. I'll be back.


1 comment:

  1. Yes, you have been missed! I am glad that you have got your priorities straight though. You can always write and you will never regret time spent with your precious baby!!


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