Jan 6, 2014

Writing Her Story

I'm not sure what to write here next.

I have been writing. Just not here. It seems like it would be so simple to post a few pictures of the new coat of paint on the headboard and pretend like nothing happened. But much has happened here at the Hess House. I'm trying to put into words what has happened, but it takes me so much longer because I want to choose the perfect words. The perfect words to somehow tell you the story of the life and loss of our perfect, beautiful sweet baby girl Hannah Grace.

So I'm taking the time to write it slowly. I type a few words each day into the Word document that holds her story. I hope to share it with all of you someday so that you can experience the joy and great provision that was her short life. With her story there is also great sadness, but the sadness and depth of this sorrow has only made the Lord more beautiful, more precious to us in every moment. We have known the Lord like we may have never been able to otherwise.

But I do want you to know a little about our sweet girl as you wait for me to write. She has been our great joy to know, to experience life with the 8lb 3oz baby girl that made me a mom for the very first time. And while I don't quite have the words today, this is the letter we, her parents, wrote to those who attended her 'celebration of life' funeral a few short weeks ago.

Hannah Grace Hess

We fell in love with Hannah the moment we found out we were pregnant. From that day in April we’ve loved her every moment. It has been our great joy to sing to her, to dance with her, and to brag about her to everyone we meet. She danced and kicked in the mornings and the nights, but most of all when she heard her daddy’s voice. She was surely a daddy’s girl.

As we awaited the day of her arrival the Lord had other plans. Although our hearts were broken in disbelief, our little Hannah went to be with the Lord. Oh the heartache, but oh the assurance we have that the Lord holds our baby girl and loves her more than we can imagine.

Just a few hours later, Hannah was born on Tuesday December 17th at 12:47 in the morning. We have never seen anything so beautiful; we have never experienced more joy. Hannah was born 8 pounds 3 ounces and was 21.5 inches long. She had her dad’s lips, his curly brown hair, and honestly his barrel chest. She had her mom’s ears, her cute nose, and her extremely long toes.

Although we miss her dearly every moment, we are truly blessed to have been her parents for the past forty weeks. And we are blessed to be her mom and dad forever.  Never could we have imagined this much pain, nor this much love, joy, or peace.  We don’t grieve like those who have no hope (1 Thessalonians  4:13) because our hope is in God, and God is good!  We have been overwhelmed by the Lord’s provision and by the love, support, and encouragement from so many family and friends. Thank you, to our family and our friends for your love, words, and prayers. We are truly grateful.

Hannah’s Dad & Mom,

Kyle & Brittany Hess


  1. Bless you both. Sending so much love and many prayers your way.

    Jenna Keiser

  2. I love you both... am so proud to call you fellow parents! God has blessed you.. and this is only the beginning!


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