May 29, 2012

Growing Corn

So My husband happens to be a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan.  He is also a big fan of corn on the cob. I think these two things are connected...

So when it came time to select what went into the garden, he pleaded for corn! The package said we'd have corn in 63 days and I think we're on day 81. We planted in rows and the corn on the side of the house is doing much better than the corn in the fancy soil... who knew. Here's our current situation.

I'm not real sure it's supposed to grow like the picture above. Like I'm pretty sure there should be husks around it... but most of the ears have husks around them, this one was just a good pic because I got to SEE the corn inside!

And while we're talking about corn, I found this while researching my corn...

Turns out it's not a photoshopped crazy internet picture, but actual heirlom corn. Check out the story HERE. Its crazy...

There's a waiting list for seeds.

Thinking about it ;)

But I guess I ought to see how this year's crop turn out first.

Happy Colorful Corn day!

P.S We've got RED tomatoes!! and birds :( Details soon!

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